Monday, September 20, 2010

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Saturday, September 18, 2010

❤ My love story ❤

~*Our relationship*~
My baby boy and Moi
We knew each other since Form 4.
First day of Form4 life, we do not know each other.
We do not talk and introduce ourselves too.
Cause he has a girlfriend at the moment. I have a boyfriend too.
So, we talk less.
I only joined some pretty girls in my class and we get along too.
When around Jan 09+, he broke off with his girlfriend for some reason.
After that, he joined me. and we became brothers.

When we're in Form5
We talk lots of secrets between relationship.
I had arguements with my ex boyfriend.
Ex said he wanna break up with me, cause of some religion thingy.
I told him my love problems. and he settle it for me.
I felt so comfortable to be with him always.
Had a wonderful barbecue party at kinmi 's house on Jan.
He care me alot, he barbecue food for me to eat.
So, Imma like queen there. No need to do anything.
At the moment, I felt hes in love with me.
BUT, Im scare to think about it. cause we're brothers wut. lols
We took some pichas. not lovey dovey at all~!
After that, my friend uploaded our pichas on fb.
and my ex saw it. he was so mad and argue with me. and he said Im slutty, playgirl and so on.
I was so hurt. cause he always misunderstood me.
At school, my ex dont even come and see me when recess.
We only meet when we hav choir practice. and the one always accompany when recess is my baby boy.
Hes not my boy. yet he always accompany recess and after school.
Sooooooo, we finally broke off!!

When its Feb, CNY drop on 14th Feb = Valentine 's Day
I went to my baby sister 's house for house visiting and get ang pau. Hes there too~
Every single house visiting I went, hes also there.
I feel happy to see him. Idk why. maybe Im in love. =)
So, we started our happy moment there.

When its March
Exam week.. we talk less again.
Getting bad results cause of playful attitude. and he concern me alot too~
After that, we get together on 18th March.
He called me and ask me to be his girlfriend.
I think sooooooooooooo long and finally. I accept!

When its April
We are sooooooo super duper hyper lovey dovey couple.
Everyone knew we're sweet couples.
Lots of people jealous about us too. =)

When its May
We argue alot and alot and alot.
We get so farddup in our relationship.
We felt wanna break off at the moment.
But we dint. due to our strong love feelings. hahas.

When its June
Longgggggggggg holiday~
We meet less, talk less and even message also less.
Due to he went back to Kay Elle.
And we have lots of arguement again.
20th June = My 7-teen Birhtday
He surprising me. cause hes back!
I get a lovely present from him.
" Silver Pearl Bow " necklace from Vincci
We had Toy Story III movie too.
This was my first time celebrating birthday with boyfriend.

When its July
Had our half marathon run together.

When its August
Long holidaysssssssss again.
He went back Kay Elle.
So less meet each other.

When its Sept
We 're so lovey dovey now.
Having lots of enjoyable and happy moment always.
Thanks baby for appreciating our relationship always.
I love you

Happy 6 months Anniversary baby boy

Baby engying sister 's barbecue birthday party
Wonderful marinated chicken wings, cocktail sausages with cheese/black pepper, fried meehoon, fruity salad, mashed potato with black pepper, sotong balls with veges are prepared nicely.
Eat until your stomach could burst easily. fyi* Im a great eater. XP
Have a walk with baby boy and babe sister laiying and her boy.

Barbecue at Cassandra 's place.
Busy eating no pichas.

1 Malaysia Day
Its a public holiday for everyone in Malaysia.
My boy came to my house to accompany me.
Cause Im alone.
Thanks baby boy. Mwah*

Had a wonderful trip with my baby, cassandra, brother, tai yong.
We went to Pee-Dee for fishing.
That was so effin' fun.
Even thought I dint fish.
Cause its too tired to hold a heavy fishing rod.
Took some lovey dovey pichas with baby boy.
7pm sharp go home.
Something happened between this trip.
Its a wonderful trip for me actually, cause I knew Im hard to hav a trip with my baby boy.
So, we appreciate it alot.
But something happened. I get scolded by someone.
In my mind, when Im get scolding. I was just thinking " NO ONE is PERFECT! "
Not everyone have to be same as you. Im not talking you said all those things are wrong.
I know u're saying these is for my own good. not for you.
But please, think carefully before u judge.
Im just want to be happy with my boy, I knew hes not PERFECT guy.
But I do love him, cause I knew he appreciate me too.
You do not know how much he love me and how much I happy to be with him.
Cause u're not me, you could not feel this in your life.
Thats my life style. Im big enough to know what I want in my life.
So please, dont judge him infront of me anymore.
I really cant take it.
Im actually very upset on thatday. Im so lost!
I admit I cried after the moment.
Baby boy called me and concern me.
No one could understand this kinda of feelings I having now.
Even thought already passed 2 days.
BUT.. I would not forget this incident FOREVER!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

❤ Bangs ❤

I had changed my hairstyle, everyone.
I cut bangs back!
It takes me soooooo effin' long for thinking whether I wanna changed my hairstyle anot.
And now~
I had made my decision, and the results is quite okay!
Peoples around lovin' it soooo much.
My boy prefer Im with bangs too~
He say looks cute. =P
So, what do u think huh?!

                     BEFORE              AFTER

Friday, September 3, 2010

❤ New Toy ❤

Hi everyone.
Im back here.
Few days dint update my bloggie already.
Due to: Lazyness and ideaness. Lols

Kinda bored with my this "After Trial Holiday".
I was absent for school almost 2 weekies already.
Geng horr?
First time in my school life that I skippie school for 2 week.
Even I get dengue / chicken pops, I also dint rest so much!
Thats really a longgggggggggggggggg leave for me. *wink*
Most of the time, I only lock myself in my room nor house only.
I din even get out from my house.
Ermmmmm.. I meant my skin din even get a chance to absorb " Photosynthesis "??!
Arrrrhh... Whatever is that!
I just dont give a damn of it. o.O

Oh yahh!
Few post passed, I had mention about my new toy right?
Here's the picha of HER!

* Sony K750i with Minnie * Hp mini with White rabbit bii
* Choco cookies with Teddy bear

Saturday, August 28, 2010

❤ Wonderful Dinner ❤

270910 Friday
My BB msn me.
Bii Bii <3 says : Im coming back to Seremban now.
My weekend is finally not boring anymore. ;)

280910 Saturday
Had steamboat and bbq at lobak with BB and bro and cassandra and taiyong and jacky.
Wonderful dinner ever!
Eat and crappy arounds.
Jokes and bla bla bla~
Busy eating.
Sorry readers, no pichas for you to seeeeeee. =P

290910 Sunday

Thursday, August 26, 2010

❤ Understanding ❤

Idk why I feel so moody right now.
Just felt like wanna cry with some really loud sound.
But I think is so stupid for me to cry for this kinda of stupid stuff.
No point huh!
Do you know something?
When I feel really effin' moody.
I'll sure blogging.
Idk why, I just treat blog as my diaries.
It makes me feel more comfortable after I spamming all my nonsense here. =)

Why am I moody right now?
Arguements with BB? *definately no!*
Get bad results? *of course not! lazy teachers*
Scolded by parents? *noonoonoooooo! they love me lots*
Everything is a NO!
The problem is actually myself.
Idk why, I just feel uncomfortable right now.
I need my baby here with me.
I need a hug from him.
I need him to care me more.
I need him to pay more attention on me.
I need him to understand me more.
I really do need him right now!!
Althought sometimes a couple really needs some breathing space.
And thats what we call "私人空间" a.k.a "PRIVATE SPACE".
But Idk why, I just love to message with him nor call him and talk some craps.
Sometimes I do feel myself so ignoring.
I think better dont think too much!
I really need some rest right now.
Goodnight everyone.

Oh yah~
Today was my babe sister 's birthday.
We as ur beloved sisters already made a surprise for you.
Just wait for the right time okay?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

❤ Sweetness in my Heart ❤

Finally I had over my trial
Felt so relax now.
And it makes me I became more lazy and lazy alreadyyyy.
By the way, I planned not to go school for this week.
But idk whether my parents do allow anot.
Just try :)

My BB left me alone at Seremban
He went back to Kay Ell for shirfting house I think.
Gonna miss him like crazy for this weeeeek.
But he said he 'll try to use someone 's lappie to on webcam with me.
Syoook! Can play webcam againnnn~
Orrrrr cam-whore sikit? Hahahahahas

Oh yah! Im officially addicted to "The Vampire Diaries" nowwww.
Its a romance and abit horror movie.
Something epic lah!
After chasing this movie like crazy
I do feel vampires is sooooo effin' COOL!!! ;)

Alright. I 'll stop here now.
Wanna continue my vampires dream already. :P

My BB folded this for me when hes having exam.
Choclair sweet 's wrapper little boat.
Does it looks cute? :*

Sunday, August 22, 2010

❤ Cam Whore ❤

Sunday is actually a family day for everyone.
But unfortunately, today I almost spended half day with my babe sister.
We play with webcam and cam whore sikit.
Perasan-ing there. LOLs
Kinda syiok!
And we recorded "something" too.
Its a secret.
I cant leak this secret out yet.
Just wait until passed August.
I may post it to here, someday. XP

Damn tiring today.
And I haven do my revision for stupidest addmaths.
Gonna rush like hell later. :(

Tomorrow might be very enjoy!
Have a 2 hours break for us.
So, decided to go Terminal II to hang out or something.
Not sure yet!
But I know, it will be fun.

Out of my topic already.. Come back come back!
Here's are some cam whore picha.
Surprise for someone
Act CUTE?!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

❤ Sadness ❤

My lovely weekend is spoiled!!
Sooooo freaking boring today.
What kinda of weekend is this?!
Friends all hilang diri, busy with their own stuff.
My BB?!
Message awhile then stop message then message again.
While he is busy watching movie. *FYI, he love to watch movie lots*
While Im so freaking bored.
I did some putt zhai gou again. :)
This time was not bad I think.
Cause it taste soooo nice. *for me of course*
My bro delivered 2 pieces for my BB to his house.
And he says, too wattery.
But I think it was alright!
Aaaaaaaahh~ Whatever.

Night again.
Bee.Orrh.Arrr.Eeee.Deee = B.O.R.E.D
Had my beloved daddy 's home cooking nasi lemak today.
With fried chicken gizzard. *Yummy*
I felt so effin' moooooooooody.
Cause my BB enjoy playing his dota and forget about me!
Then I purposely sent him a message.
Told him that Im going to sleep.
And he sent me goodnight!
Baby, do u know Im actually very angry?
You dont even know that time I was in a angry mood.
And you still continue playing your game.
Can u please care my feelings more?

.you break my heart today.

Friday, August 20, 2010

❤ The First Stressful Paper ❤

Had my account paper today.
Thats really made me so freaking mad!
Started with paper II
All the pupil are busy answering their questions.
But Im still like dreaming there.
Just like what Cik.Lan always says "TERMENUNG". LOLs
Even my objective questions, I also difficult to answer for it.
Whats wrong man?!
Im regret already, I should not take account at the first time.
Now I regret is too late.
No choice laaa.
Life still have to go on~
Do my best can already!
But of course I'll work more hard to score better results. =)

By the way, I attended the stupid addmaths extra class today.
From 12.45-2.00pm *my happy friday spoiled*
Nevermind! I still learnt something, but still blurrrrrrr ;)
12.20pm after my account paper finished, went Terminal One with BB.
Stop by Popular, cause he wanna see lee hom's new album.
Gooooshh! He really like lee hom lots. and Im a lee hom's lover tooo~
This is what we called "Perfect Couple". LMAO!

Chilled with BB and bro and cassandra at Foodtiam.
We had spended almost 4hours there for online.
Shared Hot Peach Tea with BB. *healthy drink*
Ordered our favourite Potato Wedges that we could not miss it! *teehee*
1.15am fetched BB home.
1.21am received BB call.
1.30am received BB message and he says he'll wake me in the morning.

Thats all~